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  • Module 5: Healthy Active Living in Child Care

    4 Lessons

    Module 5 of the child care health consultant video series focuses on the promotion of healthy active living in early care and learning settings. The first video of this module discusses meeting children’s nutritional needs and subsequent videos in the series discuss food safety, the environment, and physical education. One in three children today are overweight Read More…

  • Module 4: Social Emotional Health Promotion

    4 Lessons

    Module 4 of the child care health consultant resources video series begins with making the case for social emotional health promotion. The second video discusses how child care health consultants may promote healthy social emotional development, followed by the third video reinforcing the importance of nurturing and caring relationships. The last video in this module Read More…

  • Module 3: Safety & Injury Prevention in Child Care

    3 Lessons

    Module 3 of the child care health consultant resources video series begins with child abuse and neglect prevention education. The second video discusses prevention of shaken baby syndrome. The Child Abuse Prevention Center posits that approximately 1,400-10,000 cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome occur in the U.S. annually. The last video in this module highlights safe sleep Read More…

  • Module 2: Promoting Health & Linkages to the Medical Home in Care

    2 Lessons

    The second module discusses routine health supervision and growth monitoring, which is essential to identifying child needs and providing necessary services at the most effective times. You will also learn about care planning for children with special health care needs so they can be accommodated in child care settings

  • Module 1: Building Child Care Health Consultation Skills in NYS

    3 Lessons

    This first module in the New York State (NYS) Child Care Health Consultant (CCHC) resources video series defines the role of the health care consultant as defined by NYS regulations and best practice standards, and delineates the seven stages to health care consultation while highlighting key NYS and national resources.